“The Lion’s Den”: “Are you a sack fetishist?”


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“The Lion’s Den”
“Are you a sack fetishist?”

By Kai Butterweck

Curtain up for another Dümmel show! Vegan bag sauces with extra protein and a bag holder for household and garden: Once again, the king of the shelves clenches his fists not just once, but twice.

Whether it’s painting aids for hobby painters (“Ceiling Flash”), portable compact grill fun for the whole family (“Stack”) or snazzy beer tulip polishing sticks for washing dishes fans (“Brilamo”): When it comes to real problem solvers, the you can get “on the shelf” in no time at all, then food retail expert Ralf Dümmel is always on hand. In the current 13th season, the investor with the colorful shoe soles once again greets the deal summit.

Ralf Dümmel enjoys the variety of sauces from VEPROSA.

(Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

But before the Dümmel show really picks up speed, joy and sorrow play ping-pong with other people present. So the “SauberGarten” founder Janine Wesener, who came with great expectations, came away empty-handed, as did the garden light friends Niko, Max and Joachim Wendel (“Vole Light”) who are tinkering in the premium area. The two family projects (Janine Wesener has her two sons Levin and Jonah with her) ultimately fail for very different reasons. While the child-friendly cleaning agent set for Janine and her children to mix themselves ends up in the drawer labeled “too niche”, the Wendel family ultimately fails because the end customer price is too high (1600 euros for a lamp set).

“I checked you out and now we have a deal!”

Things are going better for the two “MyGutachter” founders Burhan Epaydin and Leonard Scheidt. The Herford-based company is aiming for a revolution in the accident report industry. What used to be associated with a lot of work and time for everyone affected is finally to be digitized and simplified thanks to a smart app. “We want every accident victim to think of “MyGutachter” immediately after the crash,” says Leonard. Big businessman Carsten Maschmeyer (“You offer a real solution”) is enthusiastic and strikes. “I examined you and now we have a deal!” says the lion happily.

After the cheering of his colleague, Ralf Dümmel is now also in position. With wide eyes and nervously shifting back and forth in his chair, the DS boss follows the pitch of the two powdered sauce fans Dominik and Alissa Kübler (“Veprosa”). But Ralf Dümmel is not the only lion who enjoys the vegan sauce. After the tasting, all investors give thumbs up. Nils Glagau is the first investor and makes an offer to the founders (13 percent of the company shares for 100,000 euros). Tillmann Schulz follows suit: “I’ll also give you 200,000 euros because I believe in you and your product,” sounds the new lion. Now Ralf Dümmel is in a dilemma. “Actually, I don’t do any deals below 20 percent,” explains Dümmel. But then he pulls himself together. The Regale-King agrees to the 13 percent offered and is doing exactly the right thing, because seconds later he is awarded the contract. “Yes!”, it whispers again through the lion’s den.

Deal double pack for the format veteran

But Ralf Dümmel has not had enough. When Michael Müller from Buchbach marches into the lion’s den with his very special household help (“O-Spring”), the investor rubs his hands again. “A piece of steel to make life easier,” promises the founder with a big smile on his face. The clever device for clamping and holding open amuses Carsten Maschmeyer: “Are you a sack fetishist?” the investor wants to know with a grin. The lion’s den laughs. Shortly thereafter, however, some investors lose their good mood when they hear that the founder owes 250,000 euros within the family. Ralf Dümmel, however, is undeterred. “There’s a lot of work involved, but I would do it for 30 percent!” said the lion. Michael Müller doesn’t have to think twice. And so Ralf Dümmel once again puts together a double deal – not the first in his function as an old lion. Certainly not the last either.

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