“The firewall is standing”: EPP boss Weber sees AfD as “opponent and enemy”


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“The firewall is standing”
EPP boss Weber sees AfD as “opponent and enemy”

In the upcoming European election campaign, CSU politician Manfred Weber wants to focus on the fight against the AfD. The party is a danger to Germany’s security and prosperity. He has an explanation for their currently high poll numbers.

The CSU European politician Manfred Weber rules out any cooperation between the Union parties and the AfD. “The firewall is up,” said the head of the European Christian Democrats (EPP) of the Funke media group. The right-wing party wants to destroy what the CDU and CSU have always stood for. “That’s why she’s not just a political competitor for us, but an adversary and enemy.” Weber announced that he wanted to put the fight against the AfD at the center of the European election campaign. The elections in Germany are expected to take place on June 9 next year.

The deputy head of the CSU said that anyone who votes for the AfD must know that they are endangering every second job in Germany. “We live from exports. And anyone who questions the European single market lays an ax on our prosperity. Germany’s security is also endangered because the AfD is nothing more than a stirrup holder for Putin.”

The AfD wants to abolish the European Union, Weber said. “This is a fundamental attack on the historical achievements of the Union. We will defend the legacy of Adenauer, Strauss, Kohl and Merkel – and put the destructive idea of ​​the AfD at the center of next year’s European election campaign. A fight for the soul of Europe is on before – also in Germany.”

At the same time, Weber defended his rapprochement with the post-fascist Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Italy is also needed to solve the migration issue. “We are currently implementing a migration agreement with Tunisia together with Italy. This will reduce arrivals in the EU.” Regarding the currently very strong polls for the AfD, Weber said: “In Europe we have had the rise of populists and radicals for years. Germany has been relatively immune so far – also because it was politically stable in the Merkel years. Now we have a development , which is similar to that in other countries.”

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