The cheapest 4K monitor right now could replace all your displays


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Spectre U425CV-U 43-inch 4K display – $158 at Walmart
(roughly £120)
This 43-inch 4K LED display is outrageously cheap at under $160, undercutting all the competition. It could be an equally solid choice for professionals and TV fans alike.View Deal

Walmart is currently offering up the most affordable 4K monitor (that doubles as TV) on the market – even cheaper than bargain basement Amazon Prime Day  displays.

At just $158, the Spectre U425CV-U even undercuts most refurbished displays we’ve seen to date, and this one comes with a full one year warranty. It costs around $14 a year to run and uses a 42.5-inch LED panel, supported by two feet and surrounded by an extremely thin bezel.

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