“The big GEO show”: sharks, crocodiles and muffled noises


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“The Great GEO Show”
Sharks, crocodiles and muff noises

By Kai Butterweck

Five celebrities, five nature missions and lots of guessing fun for a good cause: The eagerly awaited second “GEO Show” focuses on poisonous sulphur, adult tiger sharks and a comedy ace with full pants.

“The Big GEO Show” is entering the second round. Once again it’s about five curious celebrities, five breathtaking missions and as many square meters of land as possible. On board this time are acting legend Armin Rohde, the two comedy experts Osan Yaran and Lisa Feller, ex-biathlon Olympic champion Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehle and former track cycling world champion Kristina Vogel. Together with moderator Sonja Zietlow and Germany’s leading nature expert Dirk Steffens, the celebrities want to help with their mission stories to get a new awareness of nature off the ground.

Comedy ace Osan Yuran briefly had his pants full at a dizzy height.

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

“Golden Camera” award winner Armin Rohde opens the show evening with his mission report. Back from far away South Africa, the passionate hobby photographer (“I’m addicted to it”) and Buddhist reports “out of bragging rights” about “magical” encounters with African penguins and the fascinating insight into the world of meerkats. After the work is done (Rohde had to track down a male meerkat, identify it and “register” it with a photo), the actor can now officially call himself a “field researcher”.

High up to the “Blood of the Devil”

Former biathlon Olympic champion Evi Dingebacher-Stehle would have liked to work with “cuddly little animals”. For the Upper Bavarian, however, it went to Indonesia – there “the blood of the devil” was waiting for the 42-year-old. In order to show the viewers how sulfur is harvested from far away so that they have beautiful cosmetics and white sugar in their cupboards, Evi ventured up onto an active volcano, enveloped in toxic vapors and gases.

Under breakneck conditions, the locals mine 30 kilograms of sulfur three times a day, which is then carried down to the valley on foot. “Most of these workers don’t get older than 50,” explains Dirk Steffens. Evi, who had to abort the mission for a short time because the wind was too strong, returned home with “a lot of humility and respect for this work”.

“I am the king of the world!”

Expert Dirk Steffens has a lot of facts in his luggage - source RTL Stefan Gregorowius.jpg

Expert Dirk Steffens has a lot of facts to hand.

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

It was also physically demanding for comedy ace Osan Yaran. The lively joker from Berlin’s Boateng district of Wedding was allowed to help with the maintenance of a wind turbine in beautiful Romania. After a 100-meter steel ladder ascent, the good Osan stopped laughing: “What, when I’m falling down?” Asks the visibly nervous candidate into the shaky camera. Shortly thereafter, the comedian is happier than he has been for a long time. Standing on the “roof” of the windmill, Osan spreads his arms: “I’m the king of the world!” It echoes out into the Carpathians. Fear, excitement and nervousness were also the companions of Osan’s comedy colleague Lisa Feller and former track cycling champion Kristina Vogel. While Lisa Feller sailed through “seasick hell” in the Caribbean and missed a transmitter on a fully grown tiger shark (“That was so crazy!”), Kristina Vogel was “allowed” to feed crocodiles in Australia (“That was beautiful, dangerous and fascinating! “).

Once again, the mission reports will make your eyes widen and your mouths open. In addition to the beauty of nature and the incredible images of wild animals in the wild, many worrying facts remain. Again and again Dirk Steffens opens information doors that one would rather keep closed: “For every eight shark attack fatalities a year, there are about 100 million slaughtered sharks, most of which are only killed because of their coveted dorsal fins,” explains the expert.

10,000 square meters of ground for “GEO creates wilderness”

Whether it’s poaching, the senseless slaughter of sharks and whales, or the never-ending litter away from the countless chic beach hotels in the world: people urgently need to rethink and stop treating the world as if there were thousands of other habitable planets within reach Vicinity.

After a three-hour nature information evening, during which there was of course no shortage of guessing fun, Dirk Steffens came out on top in the final against quiz opponent Kristina Vogel – just like last week against Frank Buschmann. In this way, another proud 10,000 square meters of land are used for the naturalization campaign of the “GEO creates wilderness” foundation. With this in mind: Raise your cups and keep your eyes open when it comes to waste disposal. To nature!

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