The best Xbox One prices, bundles, sales and deals for July 2020


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We’re staying on top of all the latest Xbox One sales to bring you the best value bundles from retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. We generally find opting for an Xbox One bundle instead of a console-only deal is a smart way to go as you’ll most likely get more for your money, with extra games and accessories thrown in to sweeten the deal.

To make finding the best Xbox One bundle deal less tasking, we’ve scoured the internet for the best Xbox One prices on bundles and best console deals and rounded them up here in one spot for you. Below you will find the lowest prices for both the Xbox One S, Xbox One X and the newly released Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

Can’t decide which console is best for you? We’ll run through the differences between the consoles before showing the deals for them, so you’re prepared to make the best buying decision. Are you looking to buy an Xbox One in the UK or Australia? Then you’ll want to take a look at our UK page or AU page.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Deals

The Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is available to order now at a starting price of $249. This version of the Xbox One lacks a Blu-ray drive so all games must be downloaded for the disc-less console.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition allows you to enjoy disc-free gaming so you can download the games you want and instantly play them. You’ll be able to build a library of digital games that will travel with you and pick up where you last left off. The newly released Microsoft bundle includes the 1TB Xbox One S All-Digital Edition console, a wireless controller, and download codes for Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves.

While the All-Digital Edition is priced $50 less than the recommended price of the Xbox One S, you can usually find bundle deals on the One S console for the same price or less. That means there should be opportunities for bundle deals on the All-Digital Edition, which will be updated on this page along with the best prices from online retailers. 

1TB Xbox One S Bundle | Starting at $249 at Microsoft
If you don’t want the hassle of a physical collection, this All Digital Edition is the best Xbox One deal for you. This bundle includes a free select game of your choice, an Xbox Wireless controller, a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass, and a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold.
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Xbox One deals

cheap xbox one deals and bundles

The slimmed-down design of the Xbox One S looks much better than the original chunky box, and the power brick has been absorbed, making things a bit tidier behind your TV. The main draw, though, is support for specialized 4K Blu-Rays and 4K Netflix content. Most Xbox One S models nowadays come with an improved 1TB of storage, but a few 500GB units are lingering too. The limited-edition 2TB models have all but disappeared now, but they sometimes pop up with inflated price-tags. Let’s take a look at the cheapest Xbox One sale prices below, followed by the bundles.

Xbox One bundles

1TB Xbox One S |  Gears of War 4 Bundle | $449.99 at Walmart
Get the Xbox One Gears of War 4 Bundle in stock at Walmart for $449.99. The 1TB console bundle deal includes a full game of Gears of War 4 standard edition for Xbox One and Windows 10 and an Xbox Wireless Controller.
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1TB Xbox One S | Anthem Bundle | $419 at Amazon
Get the Xbox One S Anthem Bundle in stock at Amazon for $419. This bundle deal includes a full-game download of Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition, an Xbox wireless controller, one month Xbox Live Gold subscription, and a one month Xbox game pass trial.
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Xbox One X deals

Released in November 2017 at a list price of $499, the HDR and 4K-equipped Xbox One X is considerably more expensive than the Xbox One S. The prices below are mainly for the console on its own. But if you’d like to see the options that include games too (sometimes you’ll get ones thrown in for free), then head on over to our dedicated Xbox One X bundles page.

1TB Xbox One X |  $499 at Amazon
If you’re looking for an Xbox One X console to replace a broken unit or just to see you through until Project Scarlet, this discontinued used console comes in at $499 at Amazon. You’re just getting the black box itself, so don’t throw away your old controllers or power cords just yet.
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Xbox One X | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order | $545 at Amazon
You can get an Xbox One S that supports physical games and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – a brand new release worth $80 by itself at Amazon for $545. This Xbox One bundle also comes with a month of EA Access.
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Xbox One X | NBA 2K20 | Starting from $399 at Microsoft
You can get the all-new Xbox One X NBA 2K20 bundle in stock at Microsoft starting at $399. This bundle includes a 1TB Xbox One X console, wireless controller, full-game download of NBA 2K20, 1 month Xbox Game Pass trial, and a 14 day Xbox Live Gold trial.
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Xbox One X | Limited Edition Gears 5 | $569 at Amazon
You can find this limited edition console design in stock for $569 at Amazon. In addition to a download code for the brand new Gears 5, you also get codes for Gears of War 1-4 and month of free access to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.
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Xbox Live Gold deals

Need to top off your Xbox Live Gold membership? Don’t pay the default automatic $60 renewal price. Check out our range of Xbox Live Gold deals  to save some serious money.

Xbox Game Pass deals

If you’re buying the all digital Xbox One S or just want to save shelf space (and cash) by streaming your favorite Xbox games, these Xbox Game Pass deals are for you. You can also save by combining both your Xbox Live Gold subscription and your Game Pass with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. 

Still considering a PS4 instead? Then you’ll want to take a look at our cheapest PS4 bundle deals.

You can also shop more offers with our roundup of the best back to school sales of 2020.

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