The bachelor’s last choice: a rose without value


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The bachelor’s last choice
A rose of no value

By Kai Butterweck

Two cozy overnight dates, the very last rose handover and a dramatic twist in the aftermath: The big “The Bachelor” season finale and the subsequent debriefing really have it all.

Spectacular dates, romantic tongue games and never-ending emotional rollercoaster rides: The past love journey had just about everything you could expect from a high-end dating drama format. Of the 23 single ladies who were ready to mate, only two are left. The very last rose is waiting – and the bachelor only has two dates left to find out which of the two ladies should be in his arms at the end of the show.

David and Angelina enjoy the morning after their sleepover date.

(Photo: RTL)

“There are real and intense feelings now,” admits David. The two rose ladies are fundamentally different. While the always cheerful Angelina only gets in a bad mood when she has herpes problems, Lisa’s face only really shines when there are no longer any major hurdles and obstacles to be seen in the immediate vicinity. After many weeks in the shadow of the competition, the woman from Potsdam “opened up emotionally” just in time for the end of the format – a development that the bachelor “appreciates very much”.

“It’s a tough situation”

On the final sleepover date, Lisa and David become closer than ever. After a wild kart ride, the two check into a romantic residence. The next morning, Lisa and David are lying under the covers, hugging each other. The first night together. “It’s a tough situation,” Lisa rejoices. Seconds later, David shows both thumbs up: “Everything went as hoped and expected,” said the bachelor.

Lisa and David are getting closer and closer on the last season date - source RTL.jpg

Lisa and David grow closer on the final season date.

(Photo: RTL)

Twelve hours later, another lady has at least as high hopes. The bachelor also ends up in bed with Angelina in the evening – a situation that everyone present finds “mega, crazy and blatant”, but which somehow also shows the whole dilemma of the main actor. David is and remains torn. “I can’t make a decision right now. I don’t want to, I can’t, I don’t feel like it!” complains the man who is waiting for the two finalists a short time later at the end of a long red carpet.

The bachelor gives compliments like Santa candy

“Der Bachelor” im TV

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The light is dimmed. Candles are burning everywhere. Dry ice fog spreads around the Bachelor. David still seems unsure: “My heart is split in the middle. Which woman can I let go sooner?” asks the Lord of the Roses with a blank stare. But now the time is ripe. Lisa and Angelina can’t and don’t want to be held in suspense any longer. Once again, the bachelor distributed compliments like Santa Claus sweets. Lisa and Angelina’s eyes shine. Eventually, however, David bowed his head. The bachelor pauses for a moment. Then he makes his decision.

“Angelina, I’ve fallen in love with you!” whispers David. While the winner can hardly believe her luck (“I’ll never let you go again!”), a world collapses for the disappointed Lisa: “I knew it. I saw it right away,” Lisa sobs. The runner-up rushes away quickly. Is the grueling love journey really over now? Have two people looking for love found each other, who now also form a “crass, crazy and mega” unit in everyday life? As always, Frauke Ludowig wants to know exactly what happened and invites a few selected participants from the past format trip to the obligatory debriefing.

“There’s a big surprise tonight!”

As soon as the ladies (Rebecca, Leyla, Alyssa, Chiara, Lisa, Angelina) enter, a strange vibe blows through the studio. Why does the winner Angelina look so seriously at the camera? Why does Lisa seem so strained? And why do the ladies not greet the bachelor, who was also invited, euphorically, but rather cautiously and reservedly? Frauke Ludowig fires up: “There’s a big surprise tonight!” announces the presenter. Seconds later, the viewer is already in the middle of a stirring explanatory scenario that no one really expected.

In a nutshell: Angelina and David are no longer a couple! Instead – and now the bomb bursts – the bachelor is with Lisa! “We tried it outside, but somehow we realized that it didn’t fit,” explains David, while Angelina grimaces. The bachelor continues: “The feelings for Lisa never really went away. At some point I called her and told her about my feelings.” After that everything happened very quickly. Lisa flew to David in Dubai and suddenly “all the feelings were there again,” said the woman from Potsdam. Not only Alyssa shrugs: “It’s not my relationship, I just hope it ends well,” says the 36-year-old blonde. So we’re happy to join.

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