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Ever since Huawei was kicked off of Google’s Play Store (pour one out for American politics, friends) it’s opted to set up its own app store. Known as the App Gallery, it’s a fairly alright solution for users wanting to download apps onto their Huawei devices but might struggle looking up things like APK files. While it certainly doesn’t have everything, it offers solutions in the form of links to reputable sites that might house the apps you’re looking for. It’s not perfect, but it certainly works.

So, what exactly were South Africa’s most popular apps downloaded through the Huawei App Gallery? If that’s a question that’s weirdly floated to the top of your mind then you just so happen to be in the perfect place. Here are the five most downloaded Huawei App Gallery apps of 2020 and while there’s nothing all that surprising, it’s still interesting to see.


See? Told you there wouldn’t be any surprises. The wildly popular social media that focuses on short-form video content saw a massive boom in 2020 as youngsters and oldsters alike flocked to the new trends and viral dances. Despite an attempted ban by the United States government (which they seemingly forgot about as time went on) TikTok was a massive success last year and by all accounts it’ll probably continue to grow in 2021. While we don’t have exact numbers on how many times the app was downloaded through the App Gallery, one has to assume it was easily in the millions.

Load Shedding Notifier

This doesn’t really need an explanation, does it? While we were all locked up in our homes, stressing about the global pandemic, Eskom wasn’t exactly going to cut us any slack now were they? South Africans, in a desperate bid to stay ahead of the darkness, obviously flocked to Load Shedding Notifier with over 1 million downloads. To put that into context competing app EskomSePush cracked around 130 thousand downloads. We wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of folks downloaded both just to satiate that gnawing paranoia.

Mr D Food

While we couldn’t head out to a fancy dinner all that often during 2020, we could at least have that dinner brought to us. Mr D was obviously very popular amongst Huawei users. While Uber Eats does work on Huawei, users would need to jump through the hoop of downloading an APK via Petal Search which probably made Mr D seem all the more approachable service.


Again, this makes a lot of sense given how common (and seemingly growing) the telemarketing industry is. Everyday it feels like we’re getting called by someone new trying to sell something or our current service provider trying to convince us that upgrading to a new package is definitely not a complete waste of money. Obviously, we all hate this and thus why Truecaller was downloaded so frequently from the App Gallery.


While most people probably just watch Showmax on their TV, one has to imagine the appeal of simply starting the app up on your phone and watching its catalogue of local and international shows in bed is equally appealing. Have you been really invested in a show only to need a bathroom break right at the pivotal, climactic moment? That’s why Showmax was downloaded on mobile so much. Makes sense to us.

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