Testimony in tears: witness describes defenselessness on date with Spacey


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testimony in tears
Witness describes defenselessness on date with Spacey

Four men have accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault while in the UK. In tears, a young actor describes how he wrote a letter to the Hollywood star asking for help and then found himself in a humiliating meeting. The defense speaks of “damned lies”.

A young actor broke down in tears when Hollywood star Kevin Spacey described an alleged sexual assault. In a tearful recording of his police interrogation played at Spacey’s London trial, the man described not resisting when the US actor put his head in his crotch.

“You just don’t want to upset someone who is that powerful in the industry you want to get into,” said the fourth alleged victim in Spacey’s trial. For legal reasons, none of the prosecution witnesses are named. According to the witness, Spacey already had a reputation for being attracted to “young straight men”. But he didn’t know at the time that he was a “sex offender,” he said in his statement.

Spacey is charged with 12 offenses against four men between 2001 and 2013 in London and Gloucestershire, south-west England, all of which he denies. Prosecutors have described Oscar winner Spacey as a “sexual bully” who enjoys making others uncomfortable.

Lawyer accuses plaintiffs of greed

The up-and-coming actor and Spacey met after the young man wrote a letter to the Hollywood star asking for help. The two smoked cannabis and shared a pizza before Spacey approached him for the first time. He felt very uncomfortable but fell asleep and woke up a few hours later with his zipper open while Spacey was performing sexual acts on him. When he said “no,” Spacey asked him to leave and forbade him to talk about it.

Spacey’s lawyer had suggested in his opening statement that the alleged victims were out for money. He described their statements as “half-truths” and “damned lies”. The first allegations of abuse against Spacey became known in October 2017, shortly after the start of the #MeToo movement. Unlike other stars like Bill Cosby and R&B singer R. Kelly, Spacey has never been found guilty of sexual assault in court.

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