Still-Functioning iPhone 11 Discovered In A Lake Six Months After It Was Lost


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We think that for the most part, most handset makers tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to rating their devices for water-resistance. After all, if they claim their phone is waterproof only for it to be discovered it isn’t, that could spell huge legal trouble. This is why more often than not, many are surprised to discover just how water-resistant their phones are.

Take for example Vancouver resident Fatemeh Ghodsi, who half a year ago dropped their iPhone 11 into a lake at Chilliwack in British Columbia, Canada. Ghodsi, at that time, was told by staff that it would be impossible to retrieve the phone, forcing her to buy a new one. However, her phone was later found by free divers Clayton and Heather Helkenberg who were exploring the lake’s bed.

According to Clayton, the phone was in somewhat decent condition and while it was dirty and had a broken microphone and speaker, it was otherwise functional and was able to turn on. They then inserted a new SIM and located Ghodsi’s contact where she initially thought it was a prank, but later went to Chilliwack to retrieve it.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard stories about someone losing their phone in a lake only for someone else to find it later in somewhat working condition. This doesn’t mean that you should go swimming with your device, but it’s good to know that sometimes our phones can surprise us by exceeding our expectations and what is being advertised.

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