Still don’t have Spotify Premium? You can have three months for free right now


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After a recent spate of updates to the platform and interface, Spotify is looking to grow subscriber numbers with a good old sale. If you’re a first-time subscriber you can start your Spotify Premium subscription off with three free months. New Duo and family subscriptions only get one free month.

Unfortunately, the offer is only available to new subscribers (including students) so if you’ve cancelled your subscription previously and are looking to cash in, you’re out of luck. Unless you cancelled Spotify before 15 July 2022. Then you still have a foot in the door for a discount. You can get your next three months for just $10 (R165) if you re-subscribe. The promotion is valid until 11 September 2022.

Where do we sign up?

Make sure to note that after your initial free three months, you’ll be charged at standard prices. Head to Spotify’s website if you’re still interested.

This isn’t the first time Spotify has held this sort of promotion and it probably won’t be the last. This time Spotify might be counting on you re-upping your sub if you’ve cancelled because it, like everyone else, is feeling the economic pinch.

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Spotify recently added another socially-focused algorithmic playlist feature, Friends Mix, and it slightly revamped the home page. It also separated the shuffle and play buttons in the mobile app but that’s relatively minor. We hope the updates keep coming. Especially if they are changes that people actually want, like Spotify Hi-Fi.

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