State Secretary under criticism: Habeck’s confidante Graichen gives up his post


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Secretary of State in criticism
Habeck’s confidante Graichen gives up his post

Patrick Graichen is leaving his post as Secretary of State for Energy in the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The reason for this should be the results of further internal audits.

The controversial Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Patrick Graichen will vacate his post. Several media report this in unison. The top employee of Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck was recently criticized for his involvement in the selection of his best man for the chief post of the federal German Energy Agency (DENA). Both Graichen and Habeck now speak of a mistake. The procedure for selecting personnel is to be rolled out again. According to initial information, Graichen is to be placed on temporary retirement. The background is therefore the results of further internal tests.

After a joint survey in the committees for energy and economy and climate protection last Wednesday, Habeck still stuck to Graichen. “I have decided that Patrick Graichen does not have to go because of this mistake,” the minister said after the two-and-a-half-hour meeting. However, a civil service examination is now underway, because the requirements of the Ministry of Economic Affairs were “recognisably violated”.

Opposition representatives had shown themselves to be unimpressed after the meeting and saw further open questions. Graichen’s resignation was also repeatedly demanded. Representatives of the CDU/CSU had also brought a committee of inquiry into play.

There is also criticism of personal ties in the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Graichen’s sister, married to his colleague Michael Kellner, works like her brother at the Öko-Institut – a research institute that receives orders from the federal government. The ministry emphasizes that Kellner and Graichen were not involved in tenders for which the Öko-Institut could have applied.

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