Star does 8500 steps again: Jeremy Renner uses golf as “therapy”


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Star takes 8500 steps again
Jeremy Renner uses golf as ‘therapy’

Where others practice their golf swing, Jeremy Renner does his “therapy”. The actor now walks several miles a day. The Marvel star suffered 30 broken bones in a snow plow accident on New Year’s Day.

It probably borders on a miracle: at the beginning of 2023, Jeremy Renner was critically injured in a snow plow accident. The 52-year-old can now visit a driving range again, where golfers practice their swing. For him it is “therapy”, as he writes about a short clip in his Instagram stories. For his daughter Ava, who was apparently also there, it was a lesson.

How well the Hollywood star, also known as Marvel hero Hawkeye, is now back on his feet, he hints at in another story. “I guess I’m the guy to measure my friggin’ steps now????” he asks over a picture of a smartwatch. It shows that he had walked more than 8,500 steps, or over 4.2 miles, at the time of recording that day.

chest collapsed

The 52-year-old keeps sharing health updates with his followers. A little less than two weeks ago, he published a video in his stories that showed him on a treadmill during his first attempts at jogging. The treadmill also helped relieve the pressure of body weight on his fractured tibia. On April 11, he made his red carpet comeback with a walking stick and a small scooter. He attended the premiere of his docu-series Rennervations, which premiered on Disney+ on April 12.

Renner was seriously injured when he was run over by his snow plow on New Year’s Day. At the time, he tried to get into the vehicle when the snow groomer rolled towards his nephew – and got caught under it. A few weeks later, he explained on Instagram that he had broken more than 30 bones in the accident. A police report said he was “completely crushed.” The right side of his chest had collapsed.

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