Spotify Premium Mini subscription plan for mobile users launched in India starting at Rs. 7


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Spotify has launched a new daily and weekly premium subscription plan specially for Indian mobile users. The plan starts at Rs. 7 per day, and provides most of the benefits of the yearly premium with some corners cut, encouraging users to sign-up with no commitments.

The Premium daily and weekly Plan joins the existing Premium monthly and Yearly plans. This particular plan can only be used on mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet with a few other limitations. The maximum number of offline song downloads is 30, which is significantly lesser than the 10000 song limit that comes with the standard plans.

Another limitation is the quality of the stream, that is the bit-rate. The new plans will let users stream up to 160kbps, which is the same as the free tier. But unlike the free tier, Premium Mini subscribers will not need to deal with any ads.

The new Spotify Premium Mini plan is available for in two tiers — a daily plan for Rs. 7 and a weekly plan for Rs. 25.


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