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These days it isn’t easy dodging the new digital format in the shape of vertical video Stories. Snapchat was clearly on to something, because everyone else keeps snatching and adapting the feature for their respective platforms. The latest on that list: Spotify, the music streaming platform. 

Even though Stories don’t really make sense on a platform dedicated to feeding you music, it clearly sees a place for it in the app. Users have started reporting Stories in Spotify’s mobile apps. When you search for terms or artists, you may be greeted with a vertical-format Story-style video. After you tap a featured playlist, for example, you’ll be prompted to “Tap to see the story,” — this will direct you to a collage of short videos.

Chiming in on the Story fad

It’s not available to everyone, however. So if you’re not seeing it, don’t panic (it may be a blessing in disguise). But according to reports, the format looks like a carbon copy of the Snapchat or Instagram feature. 

If it feels like Stories are taking over every sect of social society, you’re not alone. “Stories have been creeping into pretty much every social app in the past couple of years. Most recently, Twitter launched Fleets, which are, again, pretty much the same thing,” Mashable reports.

Thing is, we’ve never experienced Spotify as a social platform really. Sometimes it’s nice to see what your friends are listening to in the right sidebar of the desktop app. Other than that, we can’t see people having the need to publish Stories on their Spotify accounts. But maybe it’s not for the users, and rather for artists to speak directly to listeners? We’re not sure at this point. 

At the time of writing, we don’t have an official launch date or more info on the feature coming to the masses. It may just be a small group of test users to see how it works. 

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