Spotify Introduces Another New Feature That Isn’t Lossless Audio


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Music streaming giant Spotify has announced another new feature that still isn’t Spotify HiFi or even remotely related to lossless music streaming. So we have to ask, does anyone actually care? Statistically, there’s probably at least one person out there that will so we shall also attempt to. For their sake.

The new Niche Mixes ‘feature’ is geared towards two main groups of listeners – the people that can’t exist without their Airpods in their ears and the lazies that like listening to curated playlists but don’t want to go through the effort of creating any themselves.

Spotify has a niche mix for (almost) everyone

Niche Mixes are exactly what they sound like – (more) algorithmically-generated playlists that put all that data Spotify has collected on you to use. Similar to every other personalised playlist Spotify provides, Niche Mixes combine songs that the platform knows you’ll like with others that it thinks you might like to fit “an activity, vibe, or aesthetic that describes the moment you’re in.” This ranges from the mundane (Feel Good Morning Mix or ‘80s Running Mix), to the absurd (Goblincore Mix or Murder Ballad Mix).

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You can access the new feature’s mixes through the search function in the smartphone and desktop apps, although it’s only available in English for the moment. Spotify’s announcement encourages users to search for the “activity, vibe, or aesthetic” they want to score with a soundtrack and add the word ‘mix’ at the end.

As nice as the new feature might be, it’s a real pity that your Pirate Metal Shanty Mix will still only cap out at 320kb/s. A real pity.

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