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Dungeons and Dragons (often abbreviated to D&D or DnD) is the perfect social hobby that can provide good times with friends or family regardless of your budget.

The tabletop role-playing game genre has had a recent boom in popularity thanks to the likes of Netflix’s original show Stranger things and publicly streamed games. If you’re new to D&D we would recommend watching a few episodes of Critical Role Season two (a popular online campaign voiced by professional actors) to get a flavor for how the game system works.

For anyone who has yet to try this classic tabletop role-playing game, we also have some introductory guides on where to get started in these uncertain times. The joy of playing games like D&D is that you can get started without dropping money on the expensive kit – PDF’s of the sourcebooks can be downloaded for free, along with template character sheets. Simply throw in some dice (or an online dice roller), some pencils, and a pinch of imagination and you’re good to go.

If you have some deep pockets, however, you can sink some cash into creating a fully immersive RPG experience for your players by purchasing a smart speaker and additional smart home accessories. It may not be possible for everyone to play in person right now, but if you have the time to work on upgrading your gaming space for when we can all meet up ladened with snacks and wizard hats, then you may just win yourself the coveted “best Dungeon Master” award.

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I know we’ve all spent way too much money on dice, but I can’t be bothered to count every 9th level spell damage roll okay… (Image credit: shutterstock)

Dice rolling & RPG apps

Both Google Nest and Amazon Alexa devices can assist with dice rolling. Some of you may prefer rolling your favorite dice manually, but for anyone that has a Fireball trigger-happy Wizard, this method could be a blessing. Using your smart speaker of choice you can say “Alexa, roll ten d6” or “okay Google, roll ten d6,” and the voice assistant will relay the final result for you, negating the need to scramble some quick math skills at the table to work out the damage on your spell.

Sadly, you’re unable to state actual spells such as “okay Google, I cast Fireball”, and we haven’t been able to locate any good add-ons that will do this for you so you’ll still need to know what dice you need rolling per attack.

For anyone in the US, If you haven’t managed to convince your friends to actually play with you then both Amazon and Google have also provided some fun RPG games that you can solo. Using your Google Nest smart speaker try saying “okay Google, talk to The Darkness at Innsmouth” for an interactive choose your own adventure game inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft.

Amazon has something of a monopoly on these voice-powered adventure games, with optional downloads for Dungeon Adventure, The Magic Door, and even Skyrim Very Special Edition – proving that you can, in fact, play Skyrim on just about anything these days.


Having an unpredictable robot NPC sounds like a great idea, but let’s hope they won’t be as annoying as this guy. (Image credit: Gearbox Software)

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