Top 9 Software Testing Trends To Lookout For in 2021

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The digital revolution is continuing. Every day you can see new software products arising in the marketplace. With every software innovation being released, things need to be tested time and time again from games, such as Book of Ra, to complex blockchain networks. We will look at 9 various software testing trends that you can expect to see in 2021.

9 Most Reliable Software Testing Trends

1. Automation Regarding DevOps & Agile

With the latest in DevOps and Agile processes, higher quality and faster releases are being demanded. A lot of companies will continue to adopt automation in their testing. It is without a doubt that test automation has made things a lot quicker and more efficient. Automation tools continue leading the software testing space. As they develop, companies can receive a more significant return on their investment.

2. Testing Will Change User Experience

The world is constantly seeing more and more e-commerce and mobile applications, thus prompting the need to carry out more testing on platforms, operating systems, and devices. This is especially relevant as so many new mobile apps are coming out every day. Poor functionality and usability can have dramatic effects on brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. This is why testing needs to identify any bugs before releasing applications to users. The more can be verified, the greater the UX will be.

3. Big Data Requires Extensive Testing

Many enterprises across all sorts of industries are dealing with enormous and highly diverse volumes of data daily, which requires constant and effective testing. The latter helps to improve decisions, accurately validate data, and make market targeting better.

4. The Emergence of Smart Devices and IoT Testing

Software development is always moving in the way of connected devices. You can expect to have more than 20 billion of them by the middle of 2021. As the number of smart devices increases over time, this represents the need to carry out effective IoT testing strategies. One of the things that very much needs to be test is the way that these devices can integrate with the Internet. Many gadgets are sharing all sorts of information with manufacturers, and data is constantly being taking up.

Plenty of vulnerabilities can occur as a result of these devices being present, for instance, hardware malfunctions. The software included in IoT devices usually doesn’t get much security testing implemented at the end of the manufacturing. This is problematic because it leads to many of them getting hack, with grave consequences to customers and their privacy. 2021 will no doubt see that more and more IoT devices will be examined to avoid any vulnerabilities and security threats.

5. AI & ML — Both Will Go Mainstream

Artificial intelligence is going to be the mainstream in 2021. It is already becoming one of the top investment priorities around the world, with the market expecting to exceed 7 billion this year in North America alone. Various tasks will need to be predicted by software, requiring complex algorithms and neural networks to do the job. As a result, applications will require very rigorous testing. As the world is moving towards digital transformation, there is a lot of pressure on companies to provide AI software that can perfectly imitate human behavior. It goes without saying that this is extremely difficult, and so testing must make improvements all the time.

AI Software

6. An Increase in Blockchain Testing Software

It is easy to see that more and more people are using virtual currencies such as bitcoin. Recent reports by McKinsey found that blockchain has the potential to bring about vast improvements in the way people carry out financial transactions. Blockchain testing helps enable fair contracts and prevent fraud.

It is undoubtedly the case that blockchain has revolutionized many people’s lives. It has also contributed to revolutionary ways of doing business, so the application of blockchain is not just limited to the financial sphere. You can find smart contracts being used in every single field of business, from government services to energy production. There is a wide range of apps that can support blockchain problems and provide troubleshooting on the go. The world is seeing blockchain being tested over and over again, especially to debug code and deliver more productive and quicker blockchain applications.

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7. Greater Demands for Cybersecurity Testing

As the digital revolution has unfolded, so have various threats to security. CEOs constantly realize how important security testing is for their network, application, and systems to run in a way that protects customer’s critical data. Companies that don’t invest in security testing are throwing their brand loyalty away. It is a highly important thing that prevents economic loss.

8. RPA Testing Is Huge Right Now

You can think of RPA as an extension of automation applied to anything that exists in a structured form. This is different from regular automation that requires a software product to work upon. AI can work in very complex ways with RPA to provide automation. Essentially, this is a style of automation whereby a computer or machine will mimic human actions and help complete tasks that are based upon rules. It definitely has a vast potential to transform the workplace.

9. Performance Engineering Is Extremely Important

All around the world, people have noticed that performance engineering is becoming the next new thing. This process involves the collaboration of software, hardware, performance, security, configuration, usability, business purpose, and much more. It works to ensure that the highest possible value can be delivered that exceeds end-user expectations.


Software testing is an exciting thing, which is gaining more traction as the new trends that we discussed emerging. Software testing services are becoming more and more automated, leveraging enormous paid tools and open-source testing. To ensure that products are of high quality, companies need to be aware of the trends mentioned above. Not doing so will be unwise and cost companies tremendously more in the long run.

Have we missed out on any software testing market trends? Please tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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