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It’s not news by now that Disney+ is coming. It’ll turn up in South Africa in a little under two weeks. But is it worth signing up for, extremely attractive launch discount or not? That’s the big question.

And, if the 54-page document Disney+ has dropped on the country is any indication, it’s probably a good idea. The service makes liberal use of the term ‘exclusive’, meaning Disney’s streaming service is the only place you’ll find said content. And there’s a ton of it.

Disney+ all this

A Marvel fan? Disney’s throwing more than 60 movies in your direction. Plus, you know, the MCU-linked TV series that were so popular from… alternative locations in recent months.

Anything made by Disney and Pixar will also be collected under one roof. If it’s animated, it’ll be on the service. Even the studio’s oldest and most beloved films will be available at launch. It turns out, there’s a considerable amount more animation there than you’re expecting to find — and that’s just the movies.

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There’s also a host of films and series that are less family-friendly. Anything with the words Star Wars in the title will launch in South Africa later this month. Same goes for most National Geographic content (which fits the family-friendly bill). But then there are the Stars films, which offer more adult-orients content. Bad Boys, the Alien films, Borat, Commando… you can tell we’re still scrolling through the massive list of content launching on 18 May. There’s a lot to see. Or, at least, there will be, very soon.

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