Smartphone Buying Guide: 7 Essential Things to Consider

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Smartphones are an integral element in the digital world. Let it perform a basic function like calling or an intricate function like uploading and saving your documents to the cloud. A smartphone is a primary gadget we use. A smartphone, in short, performs the task of a telephone, camera, computer, clock, alarm, and even a bank. With the multitudes of options and choices available in the market, finding the right smartphone for you can be quite tedious.

It would be best always to be careful not to rush into buying any gadget, especially a smartphone. There are lots of smartphone buying guides to help you find the best one for you.

Smartphone Buying Guide

Whether it is buying expensive premium smartphones or basic mobile phones under 20000, you should consider many things. At the same time, you should not buy a smartphone just because someone else is using it because the features necessary for a smartphone can change drastically from person to person. For example, you might be more considerate about the picture charity, but the other might have reviewed the smartphone performance brilliant due to the processor.

Before purchasing a new smartphone, do ask yourself some questions. For example, do you need a phone with a lot of storage? Would you prefer a phone with long battery life or seamless processing? Whatever the questions are, find the answers with this smartphone buying guide. Compare the features, study more about the models and make sure not to pay for a feature you’ll end up not using.

As mentioned earlier, there is a plethora of features and specifications offered by every single smartphone manufacturer. Let’s come down to the top 7 essential things you should consider before buying a smartphone. So, without further ado, let’s get into the best smartphone guide to help you pick the perfect smartphone for you.


The first and foremost thing we will notice while using a smartphone is its smooth and efficient performance. If the phone hangs now and then, crawls while opening various apps, does the triple camera and HD display matter? What is the point of having top features if the phone doesn’t operate quickly and seamlessly? Hence, it would help if you gave importance to the memory of your smartphone.

Every smartphone will have two types of memory – RAM and ROM. It is RAM that determines the speed of your smartphone along with the processor your phone uses. In contrast, ROM is used to store everything, from the operating system to all the different videos and apps and everything else you want to store.

For an average mobile user, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM might be enough, but a minimum of 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM is a must-have for a heavy user. So let us conclude the discussion on the memory by saying this, the higher the RAM, the smoother the performance; the higher the ROM, the better the storage.


Are you a person who spends most of the day using a smartphone? Are you the type of user who runs multiple apps simultaneously? Do you enjoy playing video games a lot of time or binge-watching your favorite show streaming on Netflix? If you belong to any of the groups mentioned above, buying a smartphone that offers a long-lasting battery is always better. So get yourself a phone which offers atleast 5000mAh battery. And you no need not worry about it being super expensive. There are quite a lot of mobile phones under 20000 that offer 5000mAh or more in battery capacity.


Cameras with higher megapixels are hyped up way more than they should be. Do you know why? Because a megapixel is not the only thing that determines the quality of your photograph. While the brands compete with each other to outperform the models by offering higher megapixels, you must look at the other factors that result in better images. A good quality snap is the outcome of multiple factors like ISO levels, speed of autofocus, and aperture of the camera.

Sounds informative? That was the whole point of this smartphone buying guide, guiding you to pick the best. Coming back to where we left, if you like to click quite a lot of pictures, it is ideal to go for a smartphone with atleast a 16MP camera that offers f/2.0 or lower aperture. It would be nice to explore the distinctive features of the camera, like low-light or telephoto, if it fits your budget.



Similar to the smartphone cameras, there is a lot of hype surrounding the processors as well. Terms like Snapdragon, quad-core, octa-core, MediaTek will be familiar to everyone these days. So let me give you a simple tip: always look at the processing speed expressed in terms of GHz. The higher the value, the faster the processor performance.

If you are a user who does a lot of online editing or a person who utilizes the split-screen mode regularly, it would be ideal to opt for a smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821 to make multitasking flawless for you.


The size and display resolution depend on how often and how much you use your smartphone and what purpose you use it. If you are a fan of video gaming, a 6+ inch smartphone will be a good option for you. For someone with a love for small and cute smartphones that can be handy, a 5 to 6inch smartphone would do.

To ensure better comfort and usability, choose a smartphone you can use with a single hand and check if you can reach all places of your smartphone one-handedly.

When it comes to the display, the options are infinite. HD, HDLR, Infinite, and a lot more. Do check which suits you the best before buying mobile phones online.

Operating System

There are only two options while choosing the Operating System. Android or iOS. All smartphones except iPhones run on Android. Though there are numerous versions to both these categories, it is always better to check what kind of tweaking is done to the OS. If you are buying used mobile phones, do clarify the version of the OS. Who would like to use n outdated system?


Smartphones these days are available in various budgets, from less than 5000 to prices as high as lakhs are available in the market. These price points depend greatly on the camera, functioning, processor storage, and most importantly, the brand. So don’t get fooled by promotional offers and discounts. Whether you are buying mobile phones online or buying mobile on EMI, conclude a lot of research.

Hope this smartphone buying guide cleared your queries about which phone is worth buying.

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