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Small living rooms have a limited amount of space, but you can still make the most of it by using the right interior design tools. Mirrors can open the room up and make it look larger, as do Floor-to-ceiling shelves and seating with delicate frames. Use thin legs for the TV unit, and make it wider than the television itself. Contrary to popular belief, a small living room doesn’t have to be all white or bland.

Mirrors Make A Small Living Room Feel More Open With Best Interior Design

One of the easiest ways to make a small living room feel more spacious is to use mirrors. Mirrors make a small living room appear longer and wider, and they can even trick your eye into thinking that there’s another window on one wall. They can also make a room appear lighter and airier, making it feel larger than it actually is. Choose a large mirror to create the illusion of more windows and increase the brightness of the room.

Choose mirrored pieces that complement the furniture and decor. Glass table tops will reflect light and make the room look brighter and spacious. The Ashley Furniture Coylin Cocktail Table has a beveled clear glass table top and sleek brushed nickel supports, and it feels like it takes up little space. However, if you don’t have the budget for a mirror, you can use a piece of furniture with a different shape.

Also, if you plan to sleep in the room, then placing a mirror would be a bad idea. This is because mirror bounces energy can cause sleeplessness, thus preventing you from getting deep sleep

Floor-To-Ceiling Shelves

If your living room is small, a simple shelving system can add storage and decorative appeal. You can use shelves to display books, candles, and vases, or stack plants and arrange them to create a unique look. To create a unique look, choose shelves that are both functional and attractive. Make sure you consider the depth and strength of the shelves before purchasing them. Also, keep in mind that they can be difficult to clean, so make sure you plan ahead.

If space is an issue, consider adding floor-to-ceiling shelving. These units offer more storage than shorter ones, and they can also make a room seem taller. You may need to install ladders to access the top shelves, but the height of your unit will make the room feel larger. Another great use for floor-to-ceiling shelves is as a room divider. They create an elegant transition between the living room and dining room.

Seating With Legs

For those of you with a small living room, using seating with legs is a great idea. These kinds of pieces of furniture usually have legs made of wood. These are turned so that they appear a little taller and more eclectic than normal legs. Depending on the look of your living room, you may want to mix and match different styles of leg styles. Mixing and matching different leg styles is a great way to make a small space feel more eclectic and collected. 

You can mix and match different leg styles, but make sure you have some furniture pieces that are covered in some way. This will keep the eye calm when surrounded by a mix of leg styles. Using seating with legs on a smaller space will add depth and make the space look more open and airy. It will also help you save space and make your small living room feel more comfortable. 

Again, there are many who do not love the concept of sofas in the living room. For those people you can set up a bunkie board with a spring mattress on top of them. This setting can work as a seating as well as sleeping place for them. 


Choosing accent pieces with delicate frames is key to creating a cozy, full feel in a small living room. They should be thin enough to not block light or take up floor space. A thin-framed nesting table, for example, is perfect in an open-plan apartment because it doesn’t seem to block the view from one side to the other. In addition, wall-mounted accent pieces and floating pieces trick the eye into thinking the room is much larger than it really is.

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