“Situation is unpredictable”: British embassy in Moscow advises leaving Russia


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“location is unpredictable”
British Embassy in Moscow recommends leaving Russia

The USA asked its citizens to leave Russia at the beginning of the Ukraine war. Great Britain is now also warning: Those who can should leave the country.

The British Embassy in Moscow has asked its own citizens to leave Russia. “The invasion (in Ukraine) means that the situation here in Russia is unpredictable,” Ambassador Deborah Bronnert said in a video message posted on the Telegram-Channel published by the diplomatic mission. If staying in Russia is not mandatory, she advises leaving the country.

The British government had previously advised against traveling to Russia. For those British citizens whose stay is mandatory, Bronnert recommends subscribing to the Foreign Office’s email alerts and social media channels.

Relations between Russia and the West are very strained against the background of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. Earlier this year, Russian intelligence arrested Wall Street Journal correspondent Evan Gershkovich on alleged espionage charges. Shortly after the outbreak of war, the US government had asked its own citizens to leave Russia.

The federal government, on the other hand has so far only advised against traveling to the country with the largest area. For German nationals and German-Russian dual nationals there is a risk of arbitrary arrests. The Federal Foreign Office warns that further drone attacks and attacks on the public transport network cannot be ruled out.

Bronnert’s appeal came just under two weeks after the unsuccessful revolt by Wagner’s Russian private army. According to experts, the revolt shows how unstable the situation in Russia is.

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