Secret service announces reaction: Zelenskyj thanks air defense in Kiev


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Secret service announces reaction
Zelenskyj thanks air defense in Kyiv

While the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service promises the Kremlin prompt retaliation for the airstrikes on Kiev, President Zelenskyy praises his own defense capabilities. The Patriots would have saved hundreds of lives in one day.

After massive Russian attacks with drones, cruise missiles and rockets, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked the country’s air defense for saving hundreds of lives. There were some hits, but most of the drones and rockets were shot down, said Zelenskyj in his evening in Kiev distributed video message. “The world must see that terror is losing.”

At least a few hundred lives were saved by anti-aircraft defense in one day, he said. The US Patriot anti-aircraft systems helped destroy “evil,” Zelensky said. He called for more help to complete the country’s defenses. “And of course there is no greater humiliation for a terrorist state than the success of our warriors,” he said. “There is no alternative but the complete liberation of our country.” Zelenskyy also reported that he met with the military leadership to discuss the steps of the major offensive against the Russian invasion.

“You will regret this very soon”

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR), Kirylo Budanov, announced a rapid response to the Russian attacks on Kiev. “All those who tried to intimidate us because they thought it would make a difference will regret it very soon. Our response will not be long in coming,” Budanov said in a video statement on Telegram.

On Monday, Russia launched its most massive airstrikes since the beginning of the month. There were dozens of missile and drone strikes, hour-long air alerts at night and twice during the day, and massive explosions when the flying objects were shot down. According to military information, the air defense had shot down eleven Iskander missiles in the morning. The capital Kiev was hit by such attacks for the 16th time this month. Burning fragments of fired missiles fell in some quarters of the city. Never since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression on February 24 last year have there been so many attacks in Ukraine in one month.

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