Saxony’s Ministry of Social Affairs falls for Internet scammers


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Status: 07/07/2023 11:36 a.m

The Saxon Ministry of Social Affairs fell for Internet scammers. According to the “free press“About 225,000 euros transferred to an account owned by criminals – they had apparently sent a fake invoice email to the ministry.

The online scammers had apparently intercepted an invoice email from a company from which the ministry had bought safety fences to contain swine fever.

Accordingly, the Internet fraudsters sent a deceptively real-looking invoice to the ministry by e-mail, but with their own account details. As a consequence, the ministry has restricted accounting by e-mail, among other things.

Investigations into the case are ongoing

According to the ministry, internal reviews of the case are currently underway. Criminal investigations have also been launched. Therefore, the Ministry of Social Affairs initially did not want to disclose any further information.

According to the “Freie Presse”, the lost money was not subsidies, but the Free State’s own funds.

23 million euros for 700 kilometers of fence

In April, the Ministry of Social Affairs announced that since the outbreak of African swine fever in 2020, more than 700 kilometers of fences had been built to contain the animal disease. For this purpose, the Free State has invested around 23 million euros.

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