Samsung launches 2021 range of ACs with AI Auto Cooling, PM 1.0 Filters, and green R32 Gas in India


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Samsung has updated their entire range of Air Conditioners for the year 2021 in India, across the Wind-Free, Convertible 5-in-1 and On/Off AC series. These new ACs feature new technologies and smart controls such as a PM 1.0 Filter, AI Auto Cooling, and they utilize green R32 Gas and a Copper condenser.

The Wind-Free AC from Samsung has 23,000 micro-holes that can gently spread cool air into the room for improved comfort. In the 2021 models, Samsung has outfitted the Wind-Free range with a PM1.0 Filter that can capture up to 90% ultra-fine dust in 20mins and sterilize more than 99% of bacteria. The filters are also self-cleaning with AI Purifying functionality.

The ACs can also monitor and limit power usage using its Motion Detect sensors to automatically detect if there is a human presence in the last 60 minutes. The sensors can also help direct the air towards or away from the user.

The Convertible 5-in-1 ACs lineup, as the name suggests, features 5 different modes of cooling — Home Alone mode, Eco Mode, Pleasant mode, Normal mode and Party mode. The ACs come with the Easy Filter Plus, making the filter easy to remove and clean, and with its 4 Way Cooling technology, the AC can cool rooms faster and more efficiently.

And lastly, the ON/OFF series ACs from Samsung feature 100% copper condensers, de-humidifier mode and it has various modes of operation such as a Turbo Cooling Mode for quick cooling, a Good Sleep mode and an Energy Saving mode built in.

Samsung AC lineup for 2021 will include 51 new ACs across these three ranges, starting at a price of 36,990, and they will be available at retail stores, Samsung’s online stores, Flipkart and Amazon.

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