Samsung introduces ISOCELL 2.0 sensor technology with enhanced light sensitivity and colour fidelity


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Samsung has introduced their next generation image sensor technology called ISOCELL 2.0. It builds upon their ISOCELL Plus technology, which was announced back in 2018, further enhancing the light capture capabilities, colour fidelity and allowing the creation of sensors with greater pixel density.

With the first generation of ISOCELL, Samsung introduced a barrier between the individual pixels that prevented a phenomena called color crosstalk. This phenomena would result from light bleeding between neighboring pixels and thus reduce overall image quality.

While the technology helped Samsung release sensors that packed up to a massive 108MP, they discovered that the barriers between pixels were imperfect and still contributed to the colour crosstalk effect. To solve this, Samsung replaced the existing metal barrier with an optimized new material that is more reflective.

This new material reportedly lowers the optical loss in each pixel and drastically improves light sensitivity, especially for smaller pixels. Smartphone camera’s utilizing these sensors will be able to capture more light and produce images with a greater number of pixels.

There is no information as to when Samsung is planning to ship sensors with ISOCELL 2.0 technology, but we can assume it should appear in smartphone later this year.



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