Samsung Galaxy Tab deals are even cheaper this week – lowest price ever available now


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This week’s Samsung Galaxy Tab deals are cutting prices down yet again on the S6 and S6 Lite models. We saw record low prices last week, but with an extra $20 off on select models, the latest offers are knocking it out the park. Meanwhile, the UK is seeing Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 deals of its own, with excellent prices on both the Lite and fully fledged tablet. 

The 64GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is now available for just $279 at Best Buy, thanks to an impressive $70 discount. However, you’ll also find the 128GB model for $349.99 – another extra price cut over previous sales. If you’re after the full fat tablet, we’d point you in the direction of this $131 discount on the 256GB WiFi model, bringing the price down to within $1 of its lowest ever at $598.97. 

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