Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 line has been unveiled, and consumers have two choices: the baseline Galaxy Note 20 versus the top-specced (and top-priced) Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. So what’s the difference?

This simplifies things a bit, as either Note 20 option caters to a more specific consumer demographic than the three-phone Galaxy S20 line. Do you want a stylus-packing handset and won’t miss a few features to ensure a cheaper price? Go for the standard Note 20. Do you want an absolute top-of-the-line device with the best appearance? Pick up the Note 20 Ultra.

But it’s worth discretely comparing both options to understand what you’re giving up in the Note 20 and what you’re paying extra to get in the Note 20 Ultra. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (Image credit: Future)

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs Galaxy Note 20 price and release date

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