Running across the US has me using my smartwatch completely differently


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I’m currently digitally running the length of the US Route 66, using my smartwatch to track distance on runs and walks, which I can then log in a giant map – you can read all about my venture in the first of my Route 66 columns here.

Where am I?

End to End 170321

(Image credit: End to End)

Column number: 2
Date written: 17/03/21
Days in: 19
Current location: Dwight, IL
Distance traveled: 73.85 miles
Distance left: 2204.14 miles
Current tracker: Xiaomi Mi Watch

Pivotal to this venture is the smartwatches I use, which can record and evaluate each of my workouts – it helps that I cover them for TechRadar, so I can incorporate my testing into my two-year digital adventure. However I’ve found the way I use these handy little devices has changed since I began the undertaking (and since I started running a lot more at the beginning of the lockdown).


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