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The latest feature coming to WhatsApp is a real biggie, especially if you’re anything like us and utterly despise responding to messages. The “Read Later” function will be added in place of the Archived Chats feature and it does exactly what you think it will. Arriving in a beta test for the app, Read Later will allow users to archive chats and continue to not receive notifications if a new messages arrives. You’ll also be able to drop chats into the Read Later folder to avoid notifications even if you haven’t archived them.

Really, it’s just a renaming of the archive feature. It’s a much more encouraging name for the feature and it’s an expansion of the older system but it’s essentially the same thing. According to WABetaInfo, The Read Later file is being added as a part of the Vacation Mode which is an addition to the instant messaging app that’s designed to reduce interruptions and irritating messages at every waking minute. You don’t need to be on vacation to want that mode, if you ask us.


WhatsApp and the Case for Editing

And edit button is also coming to WhatsApp’s new Read Later section. Previously, archived chats would just sit there until they were unarchived. Now the edit button will allow users to do two things: Select more than one chat to make unarchiving much easier and editing archive settings to tweak how the folder works. It’s a nice extension of the feature that really assists people wanting to clean up their WhatsApp.

The feature is currently still in beta so we can expect to a see it rollout in the next few weeks. Read Later will be a nice addition in WhatsApp’s attempts to clean up the app as it follows the inclusion of self-destructing messages which is currently rolling out to every device.

(Source: WABetaInfo)

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