Razer N95 Mask With RGB, Voice Projection; Blend Of Style And Safety


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Razer, a producer of gaming hardware, has pulled off a new trick from its sleeve. The company claims to have designed a reusable N95 mask dubbed Project Hazel. The concept mask has a waterproof shell that is scratch-resistant recycled plastic. The transparent nature of the mask enables others to see the bearer’s facial expressions.

Razer prefers calling it a surgical N95, but it’s yet to receive the required certifications from the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The company is said to be working with medical experts who will help in developing the mask for mass production.

The main functions of the mask lie within two circular zones that are used for ventilation. As per the company, the mask will filter the air with active disc-type ventilators. These vents will also filter the exhaled CO2. The company claims that the mask will filter 95% of airborne particles, including the coronavirus.

Razer N95 Mask With RGB, Voice Projection; Blend Of Style And Safety

Users will be able to detach these ventilators and recharge them; however, the company is yet to disclose the life of these ventilators. The company might reveal these details once the mask goes into mass production. The ventilators are also fitted with mics and amplifiers that project the wearer’s voice through the mask.

The company emphasizes that the mask is comfortable to wear despite the tech incorporated. Razer always adds RGB lighting and the mask is no different. Users can choose the color of the lights and the LEDs activate automatically when it gets dark. The company says that each mask will come with a large UV-enabled case that will sterilize the mask when not in use.

While this is just a concept from Razer, it’ll be interesting to see the product make it to the production stage. We’ve come across many innovations during the Covid-19 era, while some of them were interesting, others were plain bizarre.

Similarly, an inventor Yezin Al-Qaysi built a hazmat helmet that covers his whole head and extends to his chest. The helmet packs a battery on the back along with a filter respirator to purify the air sucked in and exhales the inside air.

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