Rahmedetal Bridge in North Rhine-Westphalia successfully blown up


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Status: 07.05.2023 1:08 p.m

The dilapidated Rahmedetalbrücke near Lüdenscheid is history – at noon more than 2000 explosive charges brought down the 17,000 tons of steel and concrete. The structure had been completely closed for over a year.

Today at 12.00 sharp a new chapter began in Lüdenscheid with a loud bang: the dilapidated Rahmedetal bridge was blown up. Everything went according to plan – “it couldn’t have gone better,” said demolition expert Michael Schneider on WDR television.

The A45 has been severed for about a year and a half, the closure is causing permanent congestion on the roads in the region and causing stress, anger and anger among residents and retailers. With the demolition, the new building is now a big step closer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the blast:

  • in our online live ticker
  • Backgrounds at 7.30 p.m. in Westpol on WDR television
  • Backgrounds at 10:45 p.m. in Die Story on WDR television

Mild weather for the public viewing in Lüdenscheid

Mild, overcast and even a few rays of sunshine: The weather in Lüdenscheid played along on the big day. Numerous onlookers from all over North Rhine-Westphalia came. They had gathered on the meadows outside the restricted areas or at the central public viewing event on the station premises, where bands were performing. Applause and calls like “hammer” or “madness” could be heard. Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) and his NRW colleague Oliver Krischer (Greens) were also on site for the blast.

Minutes after the blast, small flakes of construction dust fell near the cordoned off area. A smell like after a New Year’s Eve fireworks spread.

There were also numerous private “Blast Parties”: Many visitors cavorted in houses with a view of the bridge area.

The big cleanup is about to begin

After the blast, the big clean-up begins on Monday: the bridge sections and over 100,000 cubic meters of earth are cleared away, which will take until autumn. Altenaer Strasse, which should be free by June 10th, has the highest priority.

By the way: 90 percent of the bridge is still in use. Larger parts are processed, the steel is melted down, concrete is further processed. “Everything goes back into the cycle,” said the project manager for the A45 (Autobahn GmbH), Michael Neumann, the WDR.

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