PS5 Walmart restock update: it’s gone – but it’s in stock elsewhere


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Update: Good news – while Walmart PS5 restock dried up quickly today, Sony is now selling the PlayStation from its own store. But you’ll have to act fast.

You can find PS5 in stock at the Sony Direct store, where there’s a virtual queue. You’ll need an active paid PSN account, and hope that the lottery system favors you. Today, December 15, is the last day to buy the PS5 before Christmas from Sony.

Editor’s notes: some people have been doubting that Walmart has PS5 in stock at all, but I did get get confirmation that our PS5 restock tracker helped out at least one buyer who has been trying relentlessly via Walmart: my sister. Here’s proof – a Walmart PS5 order confirmation – for those who doubt anyone would make it to checkout. It took a lot of refreshing and luck, apparently, but my nephews are getting a PS5 for Christmas (or a few days into the New Year, shipping permitting). In other words: keep trying, folks.

Walmart PS5 restock

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