PS5 vs Xbox Series X: everything we know so far


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When comparing the PS5 vs Xbox Series X consoles, there’s a lot to digest and as the launch of the new generation draws closer, the amount of information we have is only increasing. The next-generation is all about power, speed and eye-popping visuals and when it comes to the internal specs used to achieve these things, the PS5 and Xbox Series X aren’t too far apart, though Microsoft does appear to have the edge on paper. 

Recently we’ve seen both companies attempt to differentiate their consoles with their distinct designs and their quite different approaches to next-gen exclusives. This generation, Microsoft is foregoing exclusive Series X games at first to put an emphasis on Game Pass and cross-gen play while Sony is looking forward, continuing to bet on the strength of its first-party lineup with exclusive PS5 games that will make use of the console’s power and the features in its new DualSense controller. 

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