Promise not kept: professional football sobered fan representative quickly


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Promises not kept
Professional football sobered fan representative quickly

In the pandemic, which is noticeably and also substantially slowing down the big boom, German professional football is humble and open to corrections to its own business model. But after operations are largely back to normal, this is apparently quickly forgotten.

Fan representative Helen Breit drew a sobering conclusion in her fight for fan interests and against commercialization in German professional football. Despite the DFL task force “Future Professional Football” created during the corona pandemic, the system has not been extensively changed or made better. “That’s why there is great suspicion that only areas are touched that don’t hurt so bad, where professional football hardly has to move and business can continue as before,” Breit told the daily newspaper “nd.DerTag”.

During the Corona period, Breit had developed reform ideas in the “Future Professional Football” fan project and represented them in the DFL task force of the same name. “Almost nothing has happened in the area of ​​competition integrity. A lot still needs to be done in terms of financial fair play or stricter regulation of multiple investments,” demanded the 35-year-old.

Breit further accuses professional football of not having kept promises made during the pandemic. Promises like “having understood how important fans are. And how important it is to anchor yourself in society and not live in a bubble,” said Breit.

When normality returned after the Corona period, the humility of professional football was quickly forgotten. “Far-reaching measures for equal opportunities, such as a more even distribution of media revenues, were not taken. The things that were set in motion do not feel like substantial changes,” said the fan representative.

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