Profiteers resold nearly 50,000 Nvidia RTX 30-series GPUs on eBay and StockX


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Profiteers resold nearly 50,000 Nvidia Ampere graphics cards in the past several months on sites like eBay and StockX, raking in roughly $61.5 million in sales and a profit of $15.2 million.

Oracle data engineer Michael Driscoll wrote up a web script that scraped data from eBay and StockX – a resale site normally used for hard-to-find sneakers – to quantify the scale of the graphics card profiteering and what he found is depressing, but not surprising.

Profiteering Figures For Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards

(Image credit: Matt Driscoll)

So far, 49,680 RTX 30-series graphics cards have been sold through the two sites, ranging from the lower-end RTX 3060 Ti to the high-end RTX 3090, with the bulk of the sales coming from the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080

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