Priority delivery on Uber Eats ensures you get your food first… for a fee


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With load shedding coming to dinner every night this week, you’re bound to order some form of fast food. Especially if your outage falls right in the dinner time slot. Uber Eats now has a priority function for those evenings when everybody is ordering from the local eateries.

When you place an order with Uber Eats, you want your food to arrive by the estimated delivery time. And then there are those occasions when you want your food even faster. Before the chips have gone soggy and the drinks have gone warm, at the very least. Well, you can pay for that.

Priority delivery


Uber Eats introduced the option for customers to pay a fee of R12 for Priority Delivery. This, obviously, cuts some time off the original ETA by ensuring your order comes directly to you. Each driver typically drops off several deliveries at once during peak times (also called load shedding) in a given area. Priority Delivery ensures that you get your food first. Even if they have to skip a few houses where they have deliveries on the way, you’re a priority. The R12 payment also gets mixed in with the tip.

Standard delivery, where you wait your turn, and maybe be one of the underprivileged who gets cold food during load shedding, still exists. Odds are that not choosing a priority delivery won’t make much of a difference at the end of the day. It’s a little like priority boarding on a plane. You’ll end up where you’re going, whether you choose it or not. It’s just kinda nice to have the option.

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