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Do you own a rapidly growing online business? Congrats! You will be added to the list of large businesses soon. Your website might be receiving heavy traffic now. Which hosting platform are you using? Is that shared hosting? If yes then it’s the perfect time to migrate your website to a VPS hosting plan. This is because after some days your shared server might outgrow and won’t be able to manage a load of traffic on your website. It will ultimately result in visitors turning to competitor’s website as your website would require high load time.

Of course, no one would like this to happen with their online business. So, it’s better to migrate to a VPS platform that will handle your traffic easily. VPS comprises both Linux VPS and Windows VPS and you may choose one depending on your requirement.

To make your work of choosing the best VPS hosting provider easy, here is a review of the best VPS hosting provider of India.

Know About MilesWeb:

One of the leading web hosting providers of India, MilesWeb was founded in 2012 and is based in Nashik, Maharashtra. Their team is expert in Linux and Windows administration, cPanel and Plesk control panels, virtualization technologies and migration of servers. To offer the rewarding experience to their customers is what they aim at. You can choose from an array of web hosting services such as shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, WordPress, and more.

MilesWeb’s Managed VPS Hosting:

MilesWeb offers managed Linux VPS and Windows VPS hosting that is based on KVM hypervisor technology and built-in SSD storage.

What is KVM?

KVM is a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) that is an open source virtualization technology built into Linux. It allows turning Linux into a hypervisor for the host machine to run multiple, isolated virtual environments called guests or virtual machines (VMs).

So, MilesWeb offers KVM technology on both Linux as well as Windows hosting plans. Let’s check the features included in both.

Linux VPS Hosting Features:

Solid-State Drives

They offer SSD drives as those are extremely fast and durable. The flash technology used in them helps to increase your page load speed.

Free VPS Management

The team deploys your server as well as looks into the optimization and management of the complete VPS server for you without any additional charges.

SSH and Root Access

You can control your Virtual Private Server environment via full root SSH access with Linux VPS hosting plans.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

The simple and user-friendly dashboard helps in performing tasks such as rebooting VPS, monitoring memory usage, server load and managing other configurations of your VPS server.

India & US Datacenter

Get the best network connectivity, uptime and security with their servers located in state-of-the-art datacenters in India and US.

Free VPS Migration

Not satisfied with your current VPS provider? Switch to MilesWeb seamlessly from your existing provider, free of cost.

Host Multiple Sites

You are allowed to host multiple websites under the same VPS account and manage them from a single virtual private server.

Instant Provisioning

MilesWeb’s cheap VPS hosting servers are deployed quickly after the order is completed and payment verification is done.

No Setup Fee

The deployment of VPS hosting servers is done automatically and so, you don’t need to pay additional costs for their setup.

Robust Infrastructure

The VPS hosting infrastructure is built in association with leading players such as Supermicro, Cisco, HP and Dell. This helps in best uptime and stability on the servers.

Instant Upgrade

Is your website traffic increasing and you are falling short of RAM, CPU or SSD Storage? The MilesWeb’s team quickly upgrades the resources for you just in few clicks.

Special Features offered by MilesWeb with Linux VPS Hosting:

Choice Of Operating System:

MilesWeb gives you a chance to select your choice of operating system with multiple Linux OS options with full root access. The available OS options are:

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Suse
  • Fedora

Choice Of Control Panel:

Want to manage your Linux VPS hosting server in an easy way? The control panel simplifies your VPS management task. MilesWeb offers the industry-leading control panels, cPanel and Plesk. cPanel works with CentOS while Plesk works with Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu. With the control panel, you can manage emails, websites, databases and more.

Managed VPS Hosting includes:

Linux VPS Hosting Plans:

 US location:

India location:

Windows VPS Hosting Features:

100% Dedicated Resources

All Windows VPS plans come with guaranteed memory, CPU and storage space and it isn’t shared with other users hosted on the same node.

Full Administrator Access

In Windows VPS plans too, you can get complete control over your server. You can install any third party software/applications, host multiple websites or use it for browsing websites.

Plesk Control Panel

You get an option to buy Plesk control panel with every Windows VPS server. The Plesk control panel is user-friendly and great for managing multiple websites, emails, and databases.

Latest Technologies

All Windows VPS plans include pre-installed latest ASP, ASP.NET, IIS, PHP, FrontPage Extensions and also offer database support and monitoring for MySQL and MS SQL.

Easy VPS Upgrades

All the Windows VPS plans are easily upgradable without the need to change the assigned IP address. There would be no data loss or failure during the process of up-gradation.

Affordable Price

MilesWeb VPS hosting packages are offered at affordable prices and are ideal for the webmasters that require full administrative access over the website.

Powerful Hardware

Powered with the best hardware the MilesWeb’s servers ensure the best performance and reliability which makes the Windows VPS platform highly suitable for the high-performance websites.

Windows VPS Hosting Plans:

Windows VPS plans are offered only for India’s location.

MilesWeb firmly stands on three pillars:

24/7/365 Support

Have any queries related to your server or want some guidance on any issue? Call the MilesWeb’s experts anytime via live chat, email and phone and they will happily help to resolve your queries and recommend you some best ideas for good website performance.

30 Day Money Back

Purchased a hosting plan from MilesWeb but aren’t 100% satisfied? You can claim for the refund within 30 days of the service purchase.

99.95% Uptime

Your website needs to be available all time for the visitors and this is their top-most priority. The Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers help them to offer 99.95% uptime.

Bottom Line:

Coming to the conclusion, MilesWeb offers managed VPS hosting at reasonable prices and with all the features that any website would require for best performance and stability. So, why search for any other VPS hosting provider? Switch to MilesWeb and start growing your online business.

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