Pelicans vs Clippers live stream: how to watch today’s NBA game from anywhere


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The last time the Clippers met the Pelicans they came away with a two game winning streak. Of course, a lot has changed since then. The Pelicans are certainly fighting to gather wins ahead of Playoff season, and with Zion Williamson back on the court things might just swing a different way. With the LA and New Orleans team facing off in the first weekend of the NBA’s return, then, things might not be so set in stone. Whatever happens, you won’t have to miss a second of the action because we’re showing you how to watch a Pelicans vs Clippers live stream online. 

Pelicans vs Clippers live stream

Tune into ESPN at 6pm ET / 3pm PT on Saturday August 1 to watch Pelicans vs Clippers in the US this weekend. Or, if you’re watching from Canada you’ll be turning TSN on at the same time. UK viewers can find a Pelicans vs Clippers live stream through Sky Sports at 11pm BST and the game will be shown in Australia at 8am AEST on Sunday August 1 on ESPN. If you’re not currently subscribed to those channels, you’ll find plenty more ways to watch online below. 

There were only three points of difference when the Clippers claimed victory over the Pelicans in January, which makes Zion Williamson’s return to the New Orleans team all the more important. The number one pick and picking up a career average of 23.6 PPG, Williamson rejoined the team just a few days after the early 2020 clash. 

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