Peak Design Unveils New iPhone Cases And Mounts


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Photographers are probably pretty familiar with Peak Design. For those who aren’t, Peak Design is a company that creates camera-related gear and accessories, whether it be backpacks or messenger bags designed to carry cameras, or a foldable tripod system, and now it looks like the company is back with its first ever iPhone accessories.

This isn’t just a case for the iPhone 12, but rather an entire ecosystem of iPhone related accessories that are also designed with photography in mind. The main accessory which kind of ties everything together would be the case. This case comes with a mounting hole on the back that will let users mount the iPhone to a bunch of things, like bicycles, motorbikes, a kickstand accessory, or even a small portable tripod.

It can also be attached in your car or a charging desk stand. The case has also been designed with Apple’s MagSafe charger in mind, so you can use it with the MagSafe charger without any issues, and thanks to the built-in magnets, it makes it easy to attach and detach to the various accessories without having to fiddle around with screws.

It’s an interesting ecosystem and if you like Peak Design’s past products, then this could be worth checking out. The company has launched these accessories on Kickstarter so check it out if you’d like to pledge your support.

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