OtterPilot Is An AI Chatbot That’ll Pay Attention To Meetings (instead Of You)


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OtterPilot is an AI-powered chatbot with a very particular set of skills. Skills that make it a nightmare for people who think you’re still paying attention to online meetings. is a popular (and handy) transcription service that turns recorded conversations into written text. Its newest offering ramps that function up a little. Just a little.

OtterPilot, the name that the new Otter AI Chat service has given its chatbot, won’t completely absolve you of listening responsibility during an online meeting but it will make most of the recall-based aspects of that meeting somewhat meaningless. When artificial intelligence is listening for you, why bother making notes? Or even turning up to the meeting on time? Or, you know, at all?

Put it on OtterPilot

Okay, okay, so you’ll still have to do your job. But long-term fact retention during meetings is kind of optional when Otter AI Chat is involved. The services monitors meetings, transcribes them in the same way always has, but then it’s able to perform a little wizardry. It’ll react to questions, summarising the entire meeting or just points of it, generate insights based on what was recorded, and even produce material that can be used outside of the meeting.

Otter’s example video includes OtterPilot creating a response email to a person who was interviewed, but it can apparently also generate items like blog articles, follow-up emails, and all of the other tedious stuff you’d have to come up with yourself after actually paying attention. A human eye is likely still needed, just to make sure that the bot isn’t making things up. Otter isn’t saying that but we certainly are.

If you’re an user, the option to use the Chat option should turn up soon, if it hasn’t already. After that, you can begin giving HR grey hairs by never listening and always being informed anyway.

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