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A marketer has tons of creative bones because launching a successful campaign for promotional means is not an easy feat. But still, when it comes to creating appealing visuals it can be a bit too much for most marketers. Even if this is not true for all, one thing that is true for all is how little time they have for doing all the things that they need to do.

That is why it is imperative that they know some online designing hacks which can help you make your campaign even more successful.

Here are some tips that can help you out.

Online and Grapgic Design hacks for marketers

  1. Combining two contrasting fonts

Fonts can make your content more appealing and also informative. When you design any visual for online use, you always require two font-one main and the other one complimenting it. But what goes with what is something that not everyone can work out.

If you have trouble with this too, we are here to help. The rule of the thumb is to use two highly contrasting fonts so that both fonts come together well. Also, to differentiate more between the two, you can make the title font big and the subtitle font small in size.

  1. Use a grid

If you want to show the picture of a single item like a beach or sunset, taken from different angles but together, using the grid option of the Canva editing tool is best. This feature is unique to Canva, and you can use four pictures which have the same theme with a filter for all of them, so there is consistency.

It is a simple way to create eye-catching images without using templates or posting four same looking pictures one after the other.

  1. Make use of the right resources and tools

No matter how much of an expert or amateur you are when it comes to designing. One of the best hacks is to use online tools and resources for designing your graphics. Without using the right tools, you cannot have a perfect design. If you are looking for some great free tools, here is a list:

Canva: It will help you create all kinds of design elements like logo, images, icons, business cards, and it has templates for all including Instagram and Facebook.

Type genius: It helps you figure out combinations of fonts that will go with your website or social media images or more. It is also super easy to use.

  1. Make transparent icons

Another thing that can bring out an image is making the elements around it transparent. For instance, if you are using an image as a background for say your Facebook cover, but you want the text to have more impact, then add transparency to an element which you think is overpowering the text. You can also darken the rest of the image so that text looks bolder.

  1. Learn about color theory

Every person who is into designing or is designing as part of their work needs to learn and understand the colour theory. Colour theory is about establishing a relationship that each colour has with evoking emotions. Every colour has a different meaning when a person sees it. For instance, when people see red colour- they feel bolder or aggressive or angry or powerful depending upon the message you are going for. Similarly, blue is for calmness, and it soothes your eyes and body.

So, knowing the colour theory can help you design better.

  1. Fix color saturation

All the images that you post online have to be the best and look intricate and appealing. One way you can assure this by fixing the colour saturation of the image.

Saturation is the colour intensity in an image if it is too much, it will overpower everything else. If it is too little, it will look dull and faded. You have to get it right, increasing the saturation point helps make the colour look richer while decreasing it can make it look washed out. Go for whatever you need the image to convey.

So, decrease or increase to reach the right saturation point to make it bright.

With these six hacks, you can get better at designing and it will make your life a bit easier.

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