Olaf Scholz in Meseberg: Now is the time for duty, not freestyle


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Now is the time of duty, not freestyle

Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Sunday in Meseberg;  WELT author Nikolaus Doll Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Sunday in Meseberg;  WELT author Nikolaus Doll

Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Sunday in Meseberg; WELT author Nikolaus Doll

Source: picture alliance/Claus Pflug

At the cabinet meeting in Meseberg, Olaf Scholz wants to talk about the big lines. Energy transition 2030? Artificial intelligence? All important, no question. But shouldn’t the traffic light take care of other things first in times when citizens have pressing everyday concerns?

AIn her last federal election campaign, Chancellor Angela Merkel used the slogan that she stands for a “Germany in which we live well and happily”. Your successor in office, Olaf Scholz, is now formulating his current agenda much more modestly. He has every reason to.

On the Cabinet retreat in Meseberg he and his ministers wanted to talk about how “a society that has so much ahead of it can be and remain confident,” Scholz announced on Sunday afternoon. It is reassuring that a federal government is thinking about such fundamental things. The agenda in Meseberg is worrying.

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The two-day meeting will cover topics such as the “Energy Transition 2030”, “Data Policy and Artificial Intelligence” or “Economic Perspectives for Germany in the turning point” on the agenda. It is right and important to deal with all of this, because Germany and the whole of Europe are facing enormous challenges in view of the ongoing digitization and the consequences of climate change. It is always appropriate to “negotiate all these topics with a little more calm”. However, not when there is a blaze of fire, as is the case at the moment.

Traffic light parties in permanent dispute

Acute crisis management is now required. In view of the state of the coalition, this means above all that the traffic light should settle its numerous points of contention and find a line. While energy prices are still high and could rise further at any time, while, according to the latest survey, one in three people has to use their savings in view of inflation and an escalation in the Ukraine war cannot be ruled out, the traffic light parties are sinking in permanent dispute. About the basic security for children, the expansion of the motorway, the ban on cars with combustion engines or oil and gas heating.

Reaching agreement quickly on all these points and establishing the ability to act is currently the duty. After that there may be time for the freestyle with “a little more rest”.

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