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Voice-only virtual hangout Clubhouse has existed for a year, but in the past two months its popularity has gone through the roof, and every other social media platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, even Telegram) is trying to get in on the action with their own versions of the app. Now Discord is reportedly working on a copy too.

Clubhouse Clone Wars

Voice chatting isn’t new to Discord. It’s one of its main attractions, actually. Currently, you can voice chat with one other person or in rooms with a few others, but nothing on the same scale as Clubhouse.

However, a Reddit user reported that they had spotted a new channel option alongside the usual voice, text, and announcement channels, called “Stage Channel”. It was then clarified in the comments that this feature would be for “large audiences and a select few people that are meant to speak”. Participants will be able to “Request to Speak”, said request then either being denied or accepted by an authorized user.

So… basically Clubhouse then. The comments go on to speculate on the usefulness of such a feature, for example, in online classes or for streamers who use Discord to interact with their audiences.

Apparently, the original poster can’t actually create a Stage Channel yet, though the option is present, so the function obviously isn’t ready to be released to the masses yet. But with Clubhouse as popular as it is, it shouldn’t be long before we see a full release of Discord’s take on it.

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