North Korea: Second test of an underwater drone


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Status: 04/08/2023 10:54 am

A new nuclear-capable underwater drone is said to have “superior military potential,” according to North Korean state media. The country has now reported the second successful test of such a drone.

North Korea says it has tested a nuclear-capable underwater attack drone. The “Haeil-2” drone has “superior military potential” for the future of its own armed forces, the state-controlled media reported. In this way, all “enemy military actions” could be kept in check. The largely isolated country sees the United States and South Korea as enemies.

The test reportedly took place four days until Friday. The drone traveled 1,000 kilometers of a “simulated underwater distance” in more than 71 hours before the test warhead detonated in the target area off the east coast.

“Lethal Attack Ability”

According to the state news agency KCNA, the test showed that the weapon could hit with “deadly attack capability”. The “Haeil-2” could devastate naval ships and ports, reported KCNA. The information cannot be independently verified.

But analysts doubt that such a device would actually significantly increase the threat posed by North Korea’s growing nuclear arsenal, which relies primarily on missiles. Experts also question whether it makes sense for the Pyongyang leadership to invest in drone technology while having limited amounts of nuclear material for weapons.

South Korea doubts first drone test

The North Korean state media only reported on the test of a “Haeil” drone in March, which could be equipped with a nuclear warhead. The statements made by North Korea about the test were then questioned by the South Korean military.

North Korea is subject to tough international sanctions for its nuclear weapons and missile programs. The military tensions on the Korean peninsula have recently increased drastically. The communist leadership in Pyongyang has repeatedly threatened a military escalation in the region.

After an unprecedented series of missile tests last year, the country has repeatedly tested nuclear-capable missiles and guided missiles again this year, despite the ban imposed by UN resolutions. The United States and South Korea have resumed full-scale maneuvers since last year.

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