North India reports nearly 100 dead during heatwave


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Status: 06/18/2023 9:34 p.m

India groans under temperatures approaching 45 degrees Celsius. Authorities report 96 dead. School is sometimes canceled, and older and sick people should avoid going outdoors. Cooling off is not in sight for the time being.

North India has been suffering from a heat wave for days, as a result of which at least 100 people have died. This is reported by the AP news agency with reference to official information. The states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are affected. In Bihar, 42 people lost their lives within two days due to the heat. The Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh registered a total of 54 deaths.

A spokesman said around 300 people in Ballia had been admitted to the district hospital in three days for physical ailments related to the heat. Vacation requests from medical staff were rejected because of the tense situation.

43 degrees Celsius were measured today in Ballia, and 44.7 yesterday in the city of Patna in the state of Bihar.

Heat waves are getting worse

A scientist from the Indian Meteorological Service described the current temperatures as higher than usual. A relaxation is not to be expected in the next 24 hours. The authority issued a warning on Twitter.

Authorities are asking people over the age of 60 and those with certain pre-existing conditions not to go outside during the day. A number of states also canceled school classes for a week.

In India, the months of April, May and June are considered particularly hot, before the monsoon brings some cooling. The heat waves have become more violent in the past ten years. In addition, there is a water shortage that is affecting several million people.

Already in April, 13 people died due to a heat wave in the financial metropolis of Mumbai.

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