No job opportunities without a degree: Great Britain tightens visa rules for students


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No job opportunities without a degree
Great Britain tightens visa rules for students

Conservative British Home Secretary Braverman wants to drastically reduce immigration. This particularly affects family members of students. In the future, anyone studying in the UK will also have to present a degree before they can switch to an employment relationship.

In order to curb migration from abroad, Great Britain wants to restrict visa rules for international students. In the future, only students in master’s or doctoral programs should bring their family members into the country for the duration of their stay, as the British government announced.

Last year, 136,000 visas were issued to family members of international students. That was eight times as many as in 2019.

As a further tightening, foreign students are to be prevented in future from switching to an employment relationship without completing their studies and thus extending their stay. However, according to the government, students can still stay in the country for two years on the same visa if they find employment after graduation.

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Speaking to Parliament, Conservative Home Secretary Suella Braverman said the proposals struck the “right balance” and would help migration “return to pre-coronavirus levels” in the medium term. Braverman faced opposition to her plans from her Treasury and Education Department colleagues. These referred to the skills of foreign workers and the income from the higher tuition fees that international students had to pay at British universities.

Since Brexit, the UK has ended visa-free entry for students from the European Union (EU). Nonetheless, it is estimated that migration will peak this year.

This trend was supported by adapted visas for refugees from Ukraine, Hong Kong and Afghanistan. But many students, especially from India and Nigeria, also came to the country. Uncontrolled immigration from the EU was one of the big issues for Brexiteers in 2016.

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