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If you have fallen out of sync with Siri do not worry, Google has launched a new search application. It is specially designed for the android platform. It is an updated version of Siri and also has a voice search feature in it. It is surely great fun to ask Siri questions. You just need to type a question and you get the results. Sometimes you may get the same results but then the thrill that you get when Siri answers a question is something amazing. It surely is a cool feature to have in a phone

Available on:

It is also available for iphone, ipads and other tablets. It may seem strange that all the apple devices already have Siri inbuilt in them but including these on android devices has been a great move made by Google. It has a video to accompany it when it is finally made available to the public.

Simple to use:

It is very accurate and fast at the same time. An employee at Google says “Getting an answer is as simple as tapping on the microphone icon and asking a question like, ‘Is United Airlines flight 318 on time?’ Your words appear as you speak, you get your answer immediately and—if it’s short and quick, like the status and departure time of your flight—Google tells you the answer aloud.”

It is very user friendly and has an easy layout. It makes searching for things a fun task. All the people at Google are very thrilled about this new launch. People all over the world are waiting anxiously for this new application to be launched. It seems that with all the hype that has been created about it, it does deliver what it says. For me I have been an apple follower and swear by Siri. It has helped me in critical situations. Siri has always been there to give answers to all the questions. Though sometimes the answers may have been vague but yes they are very helpful 90 percent of the time. So for someone like me were to switch over to an android phone and use Google new search application I would wish that the experience would be as great as the one Siri has given us so far. The new Google application has raised the bar several notches higher. I hope that it does not disappoint the millions of people all over the world who are looking forward to this.

It is great that android phones will have the option of voice modulated search as it makes task a great deal easier. Like for examples your hands are dirty and you cannot pick up the phone to type your question all you would need to do is speak out aloud and the application would do the rest. It seems like a walk in the park. The application is to be launched for the public by the end of 2012. We hope that it makes people happy all over the world and promises to deliver amazing results.

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