Netflix starts testing audio-only mode on its Android app


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Previously, Netflix rolled out a slew of features including variable playback speeds, screen lock feature, and more to improve the user experience. And now the streaming service has confirmed that it is working on audio-only mode, where users will see a “video off” button toward the top of their full-screen player.

Similar to YouTube Premium account users can consume content with their display switched off. This new update comes to a few subscribers as a part of server-side rollout in version 7.84.1 build 28 35243, claims the report.

During the audio-only mode, it offers you various playback controls including the scrub bar, forward and backward, and speed on top of the blank screen. Also, in the Audio-only mode, there are options including Always On, Headphones or External Speakers, and Off.

A few days back, Netflix announced StreamFest for an entire weekend (December 5th and 6th) offering free access to Netflix content for two days without any subscription.


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