Netflix Gives Users Long Overdue Inter-account Profile Transfer Capability – How It Works


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There are changes afoot at Netflix. That’s not new. These typically swing between updates that mostly benefit the company to those designed to keep the customer base happy. This is one of the latter and it’s about time.

Engadget reports that all Netflix users now have the ability to transfer user profiles over to existing accounts. Think of a situation like a bunch of friends moving into the same house and combining all of their profiles into the same account. That wasn’t previously possible.

Nice one, Netflix

Combining households no longer has to mean one person must choose to lose their progress when it turns out there are two or more people paying for Netflix. The ability to move a user profile from an existing account to another existing account joins another, similar feature from last year. Users were given the option to move existing profiles to new accounts in October last year.

There are a few terms and conditions, however. Kids accounts can’t be moved. Nor can profiles with an attached email (in other words, an account’s main profile) or any account that’s locked by a PIN. Removing the PIN liberates that specific account, however.

Transfers are done via the web browser interface. Users go to the Account page, select Profiles and Parental Controls, Transfer, and then Start Profile Transfer. Selecting the An Existing Account option from the options requires the username and password for the target account. After that, just hit Transfer Profile and you should be done. Existing lists, viewing history, subtitle and other preferences, and even mobile game progress should be carried over to the new account.


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