“Must stop”: Habeck sees traffic lights hanging in a vicious circle


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“Must stop”
Habeck sees traffic lights hanging in a vicious circle

Not only the dispute over the heating law burdens the atmosphere in the traffic light. And yet Minister of Economics Habeck points out that the interaction between the members of the government is almost friendly – except when it comes to content. But he remains optimistic.

According to Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, the traffic light government made up of SPD, Greens and FDP is too focused on its own milieus such as voter groups or Twitter followers. The common cause for Germany is sometimes neglected, said the Green politician in Berlin. There is a vicious circle of talking badly about each other. “It has to stop. But that’s the firm resolution that it will happen. And how should you put it, the darkest hour of the night is always before sunrise.”

The dispute within the coalition over Habeck’s controversial heating law, which aims to make the building sector climate-neutral, escalated this week. The FDP prevented the draft from being introduced into the Bundestag. The Greens then accused the Liberals of a blockade policy and sensed a looming government crisis. Habeck spoke of breach of word.

Most recently, Habeck announced that he would meet with representatives of the SPD, Greens and FDP to discuss the planned heating law. According to the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, he will invite you to do so in a timely manner. In addition, SPD leader Lars Klingbeil called for the deadlocked heating dispute to be resolved quickly. “The public dispute has unsettled the population in a way that I have experienced with a few draft laws before,” he told the “Spiegel”.

The Economics Minister also admitted that the traffic light coalition argued far too often. The results should be sold better. Before the federal government was formed, there was only one traffic light at state level, so there was not enough experience. “We learn to walk while walking.” The personal relations between the members of the government are actually very good across party lines, almost friendly.

Habeck also hopes that the government will pull itself together again after the recent conflicts. Without going into details, the Greens politician pleaded for lessons from the heating debate at the “German Equity Day”. Everything that leads to better legislation should happen. “Then peace in the hut and then take a breather over the summer holidays and then govern well to the end,” Habeck outlined his idea for further cooperation in the traffic light coalition. “And then we’ll see where we stand as a coalition in 2025.” The plan is to get the current phase over with and then “get fresh air and be in a good mood”.

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